I am Pam Sorooshian – mom to three wonderful daughters, Roya -24, Roxana – 21, and Rosie – 18, and wife to my fantastic husband, Cyrus!

I’m an unschooling advocate, college economics teacher, and theater box office manager. I listen to a lot of audible books, drink a lot of (decaf) coffee, and love to play games.

We love living in Southern California – between the ocean and the mountains and the desert.

I write a lot on a couple of unschooling lists (UnschoolingDiscussion@yahoogroups.com, AlwaysLearning@yahoogroups.com) and a little on others (UnschoolingBasics@yahoogroups.com) and (AlwaysUnschooled@yahoogroups.com).

I’ve spoken about unschooling at conferences in South Carolina, North Carolina, St. Louis, Albuquerque, Arizona, and California.


  1. I found your Principals of Unschooling on this site: http://www.homelearningvictoria.com/2010/08/principles-of-unschooling.html and would like your permission to post it (with credit) for discussion on a English Language Arts curriculum wiki for the Saint Paul Public Schools. I work in Secondary English at the district level and am always looking for ideas to get teachers thinking about student learning vs. getting through the content and your ‘Principals’ serves that purpose. Thanks for your consideration.

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