Posted by: Pam Sorooshian | March 10, 2010

#10 Why I’m in my current job.

I have two paying jobs, both at Cypress College. I’ve been teaching economics there, part-time and temporary, since 1986. For a part-time job, it pays a lot per hour and I don’t have a lot of prep time, given that I’ve taught the same classes for 23 years at Cypress College plus another 10 years elsewhere.  I like community college students – they come from so many different backgrounds and are there for so many different reasons and have so many different life circumstances. They’re interesting and, mostly, they’re usually hopeful. Many have had a tough time in life – lots are refugees or children of refugees.  Most are the first person in their family to go to college. Helping them get a grasp on how the American economic system works is satisfying.  I don’t mind that it is the same basic material over and over – the discussions are always different and current events are always changing.

My other paying job is to run the box office at the college. I like this, not so much for the work itself, but because it lets me hang out at the theater with all the right-brained creative people – a nice contrast to the left-brained, math-oriented economics world.

Sometimes I tutor math, statistics, or economics  – sometimes for money and sometimes as a favor. I like that a lot IF the person isn’t calling me at the last minute to try to “just pass the test.” That drives me crazy because they have no interest in understanding, but just want to know “how to do” the problems that are likely to be on the exam.


  1. mommy mommy mommy I am so glad you’re posting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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