Posted by: Pam Sorooshian | June 17, 2009

What to Blog About #8 How I Choose to Spend My Money

I’d skip this one, but I’m afraid if I start skipping, I’ll skip them all. This blogging thing is still not feeling at all natural or comfortable for me – not like answering email on unschooling lists. I have just a little of the exact same panicked feeling I always had in English classes staring at a blank piece of paper and being expected to fill it with something worthwhile. I took only the absolute minimum requirements in English in college – which meant ONE English class. And I had a traumatic experience in that one class when the teacher wrote: “Somewhat juvenile, don’t you think?” across the front page of my first story.

But, okay, how I choose to spend money is the actual topic of this post, right? I try to spend it on the things that will give us greatest joy. I think things like, “Is this worth it? What else could I get with this money? Would that be more worth it?” We don’t have a budget, but we live a certain lifestyle. So I know I can’t go out and book a cruise , on a whim, but I can buy a cup of coffee or a book or even a new toaster when the old one is kaput. Luckily, we have enough money to live a lifestyle that is comfortable and satisfying.(Not really due to luck, due to my wonderful husband’s hard work.)

I don’t spend time wishing for more money or thinking about how I’d spend it if we had more; I don’t really think about it much and THAT, in and of itself, is quite a wonderful luxury which I greatly appreciate! I didn’t think about it much when I had a lot less of it, either, though. I’m a person who tends to joyfully spend what there is, but lives within our means, whatever that might be.


  1. You know blogging really isn’t like posting on a list. That’s one of my complaints I guess. It isn’t nearly as sociable as I like.

    I enjoy reading what you have to say tho, Pam, and I ‘m liking your blog.

    I just figured out how to send pics to my blog from my phone and that has been fun. And I don’t put words beyond captioning so it’s pretty pain-free as writing goes. I just cut Karl’s rather long hair so I put pics of that. Also we’re going to Ohio next weekend so I’ll have pics from that to blog as well.

  2. Pam–
    Thanks for writing. I have been helped tremendously by your words on AlwaysLearning. I was happy to find you were blogging- I find it difficult to write anywhere! 😉

  3. Would you feel better if we made you another set of questions? We could ask on AlwaysLearning what people want you to write about here!

    But I like your answers to the generic questions, too. I hope you don’t take on a full obligation to finish what you started, though.

    Maybe if you went here you could repeat and expand on some things you’ve written before:

  4. Pretty cool post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say
    that I have really liked reading your blog posts. Anyway
    I’ll be subscribing to your blog and I hope you post again soon!

  5. I agree with Sandra. We should make you a list of Sorooshian-Specific questions. You know you’ve got good things to say when your own daughter, who’s had to listen to you for 24 years, just spent two hours of her alone time reading your posts on sandra’s webpage. 😉

  6. I also have that feeling about blogging. Thanks for powering through anyway! Really enjoyed watching the youtube of you at the HSC conference, wish everyone could watch those.

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