Posted by: Pam Sorooshian | June 16, 2009

What to blog about #7

I’m back.

#7 is “How I Shop.”

Well – my kids will tell you I’m not much interested in shopping as I don’t like malls much. I can only stand to be in a mall for about an hour – after that my feet get really tired, I get overwhelmingly thirsty, and I get so sleepy that I can barely hold my head up. I’m not sure why this happens, but it almost always does. I have no bad mall memories, unless they are very deeply repressed <G>.

In fact, we didn’t have malls here in Southern California when I was growing up – we had shopping centers. Shopping centers aren’t enclosed like malls. Malls remind me of bazaars – I shopped in bazaars in Turkey when I was there for a few months – but the bazaars were much much larger than malls, even larger than the largest malls, I think. In the bazaars, most of the shopkeepers stand in front of their stand or shop and accost you and try to sell your their wares. In malls, usually only the cell phone salesment do that.

When I shop for clothing, if I find something I like, I usually buy two or three of them – in different colors. Recently, I’ve been buying just one, wearing it a few times to make sure I still really like it, and then ordering another 2 or 3 online.

Other kinds of shopping? Grocery shopping – I go every other day or so. I can’t plan meals more than a day or two ahead because our plans are always changing. I just stop by the grocery store on the way home from wherever.

I buy books and some other things online – bought window shades online and they turned out great. I read reviews online before I buy appliances or electronics, but I try to buy them at Costco if they have what I want, because they are SO good about returns and their prices are great.

So – there ya go. How I shop. How boring.

But, most of us probably do spend a lot of time shopping. I wonder  what percentage of most people’s time is spent buying stuff.  I was at Downtown Disney tonight, browsing in a bookstore (bought some gifts there). So, I guess that’s shopping as entertainment.


  1. I was right with you about shopping for clothes and and groceries.

    But then this made me laugh at myself, for having book shops in a completely different part of my mental frame than all other shopping. I realized I don’t think of my beloved bookshop excursions as shopping.

  2. I like thrift stores!

  3. I love doing 90% or more of my shopping at Costco. Their return policy is fantastic!

    And I like malls less and less the older I get. Obviously, I’m turning into my mother. 🙂

  4. A Good write up, I will be sure to bookmark this in my Propeller account. Have a great evening.

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