Posted by: Pam Sorooshian | February 17, 2009

What to blog about #5

What do I hate about my home town?

Hate is too strong a word for any feelings I have about living here. I wish the traffic was a little lighter. I wish the people here were a little more progressive. I wish there was no crime at all. I wish the coast had been protected more from private construction. I wish  I wish that chain stores weren’t taking over and driving out so many independent stores (but that’s everywhere, not just here).

But, really, I love living here. Did I mention the strawberry stands? Yum.


  1. The only thing to hate is the absence of those who would LOVE to be with you today, celebrating your arrival into the world! I’m SO glad you were born ❤

  2. This is a funny since #5 was “what I love about my hometown” and maybe some people complained that they didn’t love theirs so they couldn’t write about that. So here it is in #6 “what I hate about my hometown” to give something for those folks to say. You know… to keep things so called fair and equal.

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