Posted by: Pam Sorooshian | February 4, 2009

What to Blog About #3

This will be my epitaph.

I think an epitaph is supposed to sing the praises of the deceased, but this is what I want written on my gravestone:

“Be nicer to your kids!”

People will probably take it as regret that I wasn’t nicer, but that’s okay with me if it gets any parents thinking about how to be nicer, themselves. I’d like to think that I could keep on helping kids have better lives, even after I’m dead and gone.


  1. And they’re such nice, interesting, fun, smart kids! Who wouldn’t want to just hang out with them and talk? Maybe that’s a selfish reason for being nice to my kids but . . . oh well. . . 🙂


  2. Here’s what about gravestones, though: People come along and read them years later, who don’t know you and can’t ask for clarification.

    Someone might read that and write a novel about a mother who wasn’t nice to her kids, and they killed her, and then they paid money for a rock that said “Be nicer to your kids!”

    Oh, wait! It would give people something to write about and they’d be nicer to their kids. Okay. Never mind. 🙂

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